Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Have a Break, Have a Draw

I'm really really tired right now but I feel like updating my blog. Well actually it's still too early to go to bed, so I'm trying to keep myself occupied until 10PM. After blogging, perhaps I'll go watch some TV or even draw out the storyboard for my next video.

Woahh..drawing? Drawing and I never clicked. more like can't draw But for this video, I MUST draw the story line out in order for the video to be the same as what I visualized!! Actually, this video is for Nuffnang x MAS airline's contest hee When it comes to winning air ticket to Japan, I'll do it!

This is my level of drawing.. I tried really hard to draw the 'Qi Lin' for one of my Japanese homework. The one on the left looks like it's cleaning something haha

Its suppose to look like this

Conversely, this is my sister's drawing of the Nian monster......... We're only 3 years apart. Did she master drawing in that 3 years? hmmm

Can't wait to start shooting hahha

Oh ya.. last Saturday, guess what I spotted at Giant supermarket?

Philippine brand Dried Mangoes!

I was looking for chipsmore cookies and when I turn my head, I saw this! Haha. The first thing that came to my mind was "Woah..no need to go all the way to the States to eat this". USA came into my mind before the Philippines It was really really good. No kidding. I'm not saying it just because of others. It's sweet but not as sweet as the 7D dried mangoes and the sweetness is not sickening. And once u start eating, it's very hard to stop. It's like potato chips! I never knew dried mangoes can taste this good. A little pricey though.. so won't be buying it often.

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