Thursday, January 7, 2010

Amazing Tsuyoshi pt2

I have no idea why I suddenly have the urge to visit Nara right now. But its impossible, so I set a picture of Sento kun (Nara's mascot) as my wallpaper.

Just kidding!

I spin Nara born, Tsuyoshi's solo project on my iTunes instead. I rarely listen to Tsuyoshi's non KinKi Kids related solo project because I think it's too deep, dark and emo for me. I admit that I'm shallow minded. I only listen to Sora ~ Utsukushi Ware No Sora.

I just realized that his songs are really beautiful.I really really like the 8th track 'Tsuzuru' from his Bigaku album. (Tsuzuru means to compose, as in compose a song) A little lengthy but he expresses himself really well. Makes me wanna visit Nara even more! But its okay.. one day, I'll definitely pay Nara a visit and in the mean time, I shall enjoy some Tsuyoshi music!

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