Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time to change?

Judging from the content and length of my entries... I'm thinking to switch to micro-blogging. Hmm.. I don't know. I've been blogging at blogspot under The Rene Report since 2004. Contributed nothing to the world
Sheesh, my super old entries are so annoying!!

-Who starts their blog post with Yoz! or Heyz! Whats with the excessive 'z'
- I use to think that 3GB is huge storage space.
-I use to spell expensive as expansive.
-I use the word 'chun' a lot. (something or someone that is really good/skillful/cool)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thought of the day

It's ironic that the smarter you become, the stupider you are. Whats the point of getting a degree when you can't even dispose your own garbage. I feel that way all the time I enter the uni's library and cafeteria. Candy wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic cups, soda cans... Is it so hard to just throw it into the garbage bin? Is it so hard to put your meal plates into the designated area?? It's not time consuming and it's not even a hard task that requires a PhD or something.

My friends said that its a Malaysian mentality.. Hope not.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I just want to sleep

Maybe I should really consider changing this blog's name to The Rene's Random Rant of the Day.

Today's rant is about being the youngest in the family. Being the youngest means that you are/ in charge of:

1. Technician of the house. Something is wrong with the TV, PC, Karaoke, Astro, Wii, telephone... RENE!!!

2. Cockroach and bugs terminator. Hasta la vista, Baby.

3. Youngest and still a student. If the maid is not around, I'm in charge of cleaning.

4. Take the blame for everything. Moms have a skillful way of turning the blame on you.

5. They ask you to cook. You cooked and they'll be like "What's that? I don't dare to eat."

6. If the family is eating out, the youngest one is in charge of brainstorming where would or what food would be good for dinner. They'll be like "up to you" and you suggest something they don't like, they'll rebut you like a one sided debate.

7. Someone coming back late? My job to wait for them to come back before going to bed.

8. Say something you think is smart but sounds stupid to those older than you.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love/Hate you

Sigmund Freud is.. I don't know? He 'hunts' us almost every semester whether its a psychology, communication or writing subject. His psychoanalysis theory is very interesting. It makes me want to find out what am I repressing unconsciously. Maybe that's the I have this OCD of washing my feet every 15 minutes or so. Why am I always dreaming about the same thing? Why am I dreaming of this? Why do I like Japanese food and not Mexican food? Why I don't like to study? Why do I rant so much? Why am I such a 2-faced person? Why do I have the habit of sticking out my tongue or sometimes bite my lips when I'm concentrating on something? Why Freud why?

But I won't be able to find out by myself because it lies deep in the unconscious. That's the hate part.

My random rant of the day.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The big Dee

Last Friday, my course coordinator send the entire faculty an e-mail regarding a new elective subject will be available next semester.It's a law subject. (Malaysian and Singaporean Constitutional Systems)

At one point of my life, I thought of studying law. When I saw that, I was like ehh... it might be an interesting subject. But!! it's 100% exam based which is so not my thing. because I don;t like to study

Currently, I've choosen Screen theories as my elective next semester. It's also quite a heavy subject with a friendly but yet scary lecturer. "Don't ever plagiarize, you have no idea how many books I've read" The moment he said that, my friend and I had goosebumps. My friend thinks that the lecturer reads 10 books a day. And I'm quite convinced by that.

Ahh.. noir films or law? mini mini maini mo

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And I woke up tonight

Sorry for the MIA lately. I've been terribly busy lately. Over the weekend, I was very occupied with my grandmother's funeral. I was the guardian angel of the money box. Very important mission you know. I have to sit with it the whole 2 days and not leave it alone. Al of us were more relief than grief. My grandmother was someone really tough and strong, full of anger. There were several times death came knocking but eventually when off. She has so much anger and so stubborn that even when she's weak, she still curse people. She's 90 and she can't walk, think and eat properly. It's a relief that she's finally letting go because she's in so much pain. I took some pictures of the wake, funeral and all. Not gonna upload here. It's all on facebook.

My grandmother accepted Christ about 6 years ago, so the funeral was Christian style and pastor from my uncle church came and host the wake. It was kinda awkward cause I use to attend Sunday School in that church 10 years ago. And everyone was like HEY, I recognize you. How are you, are you still going to church etc etc. The kind of question I really hate to answer.

But, everything went out really smooth and the family got a little closer because of this event. I really hope that my grandmother is able to rest in peace.

PS: The price of dying is so expensive.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Now that's two different dreams..again

There are 2 dreams that I often dream about. I guess it's pretty common cause I've heard stories from my friends that they dreamed about the same kind of thing too. referring to Kristy

The first one is the losing teeth dream. And its always more than one tooth. This morning I 'lose' like 80% of the bottom teeth. It felt really real and quite scary at the same time.

Did some Googling and there's some theory about teeth falling. You can click HERE to read more.

Another dream is about my primary school classmate. It's been 9 years and I've never seen, talk or even keep in contact with him but he keeps appearing. We're not even close in the first place. The funny thing is he looks exactly the same as 9 years ago. I probably couldn't recognize him if I see him on the street..I guess? haha

I have yet to find any theories about that dream..any take?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Year 3

Was expecting JLPT results but this came to me instead. a cert can't buy me

Anyway! third year has started and it's only the first week but every lecturer is talking about assignments! One subject that I'm very concerned about is Authorship and Writing. It's the hardest subject in the entire Art's faculty. But I have to take it because its a core subject. And the failure rate is 10%. Thats why I have to spend my weekend with poets from the Romanticism. Definitely not a fun thing.

But I'm definitely looking forward to learn more about this subject. First week was WOW! I didn't know so many things. We learned about authors from ancient Greek culture to the Medieval and then print culture and copyrights. The lecturer's really friendly and funny but has this aura that makes me scared. Haha especially when he was talking about plagiarism. "Don't plagiarize, you have no idea how many books I've read".

As for other subjects, the same lecturers are teaching..so Yay! They're like the angels of extension and they're very willing to help students. makes me feel bad for not paying attention in class

Friday, March 4, 2011

Hello, Is it me you're looking for?

Haven't been updating my blog lately haha. Too busy with the other one. I use to be really proud to make it into the current university I'm in. But lately, I'm so glad that I'm a third year student already. Studying any longer will just make me feel that this university is no different from any other corporate.