Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And I woke up tonight

Sorry for the MIA lately. I've been terribly busy lately. Over the weekend, I was very occupied with my grandmother's funeral. I was the guardian angel of the money box. Very important mission you know. I have to sit with it the whole 2 days and not leave it alone. Al of us were more relief than grief. My grandmother was someone really tough and strong, full of anger. There were several times death came knocking but eventually when off. She has so much anger and so stubborn that even when she's weak, she still curse people. She's 90 and she can't walk, think and eat properly. It's a relief that she's finally letting go because she's in so much pain. I took some pictures of the wake, funeral and all. Not gonna upload here. It's all on facebook.

My grandmother accepted Christ about 6 years ago, so the funeral was Christian style and pastor from my uncle church came and host the wake. It was kinda awkward cause I use to attend Sunday School in that church 10 years ago. And everyone was like HEY, I recognize you. How are you, are you still going to church etc etc. The kind of question I really hate to answer.

But, everything went out really smooth and the family got a little closer because of this event. I really hope that my grandmother is able to rest in peace.

PS: The price of dying is so expensive.

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