Sunday, March 27, 2011

I just want to sleep

Maybe I should really consider changing this blog's name to The Rene's Random Rant of the Day.

Today's rant is about being the youngest in the family. Being the youngest means that you are/ in charge of:

1. Technician of the house. Something is wrong with the TV, PC, Karaoke, Astro, Wii, telephone... RENE!!!

2. Cockroach and bugs terminator. Hasta la vista, Baby.

3. Youngest and still a student. If the maid is not around, I'm in charge of cleaning.

4. Take the blame for everything. Moms have a skillful way of turning the blame on you.

5. They ask you to cook. You cooked and they'll be like "What's that? I don't dare to eat."

6. If the family is eating out, the youngest one is in charge of brainstorming where would or what food would be good for dinner. They'll be like "up to you" and you suggest something they don't like, they'll rebut you like a one sided debate.

7. Someone coming back late? My job to wait for them to come back before going to bed.

8. Say something you think is smart but sounds stupid to those older than you.


  1. Haha...yeah, some of those sound like complaints my little sister has made. Though some of that stuff like being the maid/technician/cockroach hunter are, I think family-dependent. In my family I'm kind of the technical one though I'm the older sibling, and I think my mom does most of the cleaning.

    Your venting is legitimate, but try to cheer up - everyone has their burdens. And there are some good points to being the youngest, too. My parents made some mistakes with me that now my sister benefits from. =)

  2. @Blue Shoe
    I don't know why but reading your comment really cheered me up! Thanks!!