Saturday, March 19, 2011

The big Dee

Last Friday, my course coordinator send the entire faculty an e-mail regarding a new elective subject will be available next semester.It's a law subject. (Malaysian and Singaporean Constitutional Systems)

At one point of my life, I thought of studying law. When I saw that, I was like ehh... it might be an interesting subject. But!! it's 100% exam based which is so not my thing. because I don;t like to study

Currently, I've choosen Screen theories as my elective next semester. It's also quite a heavy subject with a friendly but yet scary lecturer. "Don't ever plagiarize, you have no idea how many books I've read" The moment he said that, my friend and I had goosebumps. My friend thinks that the lecturer reads 10 books a day. And I'm quite convinced by that.

Ahh.. noir films or law? mini mini maini mo

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