Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry about the lack of updates! I'm suppose to be on a week long mid semester break but I have two assignments due on the same day next week. I wonder who sets all these due dates..

Royal wedding today! I'm happy for the Royal Couple but honestly, one of the local TV station here is a bit too excited about it. They have sent their reporters to England last week or two weeks ago. Every evening when I switch on the news, there's a corner dedicated to the Royal Wedding. At one point, I thought that the Royal couple has wedded. That tv station also created a guest book for audiences to sign their wishes and a Wedding Wall for people to submit their wedding picture. I get the excitement, but chill!!!

One good news this week! The faculty of law has accepted my application. So I'll be taking one law elective next semester! I hope it's a good decision. I really need to work hard to build on my GPA.

Ahh.. Happy Weekend!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Biting more than I can chew

Note to self:
No overspending, and a bigger no to overindulging!
If I can resist a slice of cake or a scoop of ice cream, a DS or anything else that I don't need will not tempt me. =)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And I'm breaking the habit tonight

Wednesday was a horrible day for me. My immune system decided to have a very sudden protest on me. Hot, cold, sleepy, nausea, weak legs... I am suddenly feeling everything. I'm still wondering how did I manage to drive back from uni. Anywa, chucked down a couple of pills and I'm much better now.

Hmm.. recently I felt that text messages or tweets that ends with the letters LOL is really annoying. The content is not even funny in the first place! Whats with the laugh out loud? Then I realize I like to end my sentences with hehe or haha. Is that annoying? Maybe I should fix that.

Anyway, an early Good Friday to those celebrating the day =)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's a bird story

Yesterday while I was doing my Japanese homework in my sister's room, my sister came and sat next to me. It was quite chilly that morning so she had her jacket on. I noticed some white spots on the jacket and I then I ask her "Is that bird droppings?" and immediately a bird flew into my sister's room, through her door. Apparently the bird flew into my house from another window haha.

I was the one who notice it and screamed "AHH BIRD!!"

The bird was banging against the window really hard obviously it's trying to get out but doesn't know that its a closed window. And then some choc-chip look alike object(?) and some papaya seed just come falling from the bird.

And I screamed again "AHH NIAO DA BIAN!!" (bird's droppings in Chinese)

No idea why my sister went and hide behind her door haha.

I knew that I had to open the window but I was really worried that it might attack me or throw some poop on me or something. Then I's probably easier to clean bird droppings compared to the dead body of a bird who died of haemorrhage.

Opened the window and that bird with a bad tummy flew away.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't tempt them

The current snatch thief trend in Malaysia is like this : *points video below*

In a week, my dad witness two of such incidents. After hearing his story, I went to Daiso to get a Window Protective Sheet. I don't think it's gonna be useful but it makes me feel a little safer. Pasted it and my car's window now looks less attractive because I'm the one who pasted it! It will look like a different thing if my sister was the one who paste it.

I usually put my handbag on the carpet(?) of the passenger seat. It may be safer compared to putting it on the passenger seat but I guess it's better to not tempt the snatch thieves. Prevention is better than cure.

It's a bit troublesome but I think it might be better to put handbags and laptops in the car boot when you're driving. But don't forget to take it out! Someone might bang your car boot or hook open your car boot. true story.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let me have a sweet dream tonight!

A couple of weeks ago, I was taught about psychoanalysis theories on literature. Ever since that lecture, I've been trying to psychoanalyze myself and because of that I haven't been sleeping very well lately.

And the depressing part is, I won't be able to find out what am I repressing because it's being repressed.

Anyway a quick intro on Psychoanalysis.

Sigmund Frued said that your repressed memories or unfulfilled desires usually comes back to you either through dreamwork, parapraxis/Freudian slips or certain compulsive behaviors. Yes, its the return of the repressed! It comes back to you all the time unconsciously, just that you won't notice it because it comes back in a different form.

For example, you witness a murder in a tulip field while the song 'Umbrella' was playing in the background. It's so traumatic that you couldn't remember about it. The thing about the brain is it automatically shuts off over traumatic memories in order for the owner(?) to move on with life. It's like a defense mechanism.

Maybe you'll dream about tulips and wake up feeling really uncomfortable or whenever you hear the 'ey ey, umbrella-ella-ella' you might cry or something, but you just don't know why.

That's why we're always dreaming about being chased , being late or searching for something.

Not sure is this related to psychoanalysis but I keep having Deja-vu moments lately. March 10th, Hanshin earthquake suddenly pops out from my mind. And the next day, although not in Osaka and Kobe, there is indeed an earthquake.

March 12th, the word 'funeral' comes into my mind all of a sudden and indeed there was a funeral the next day.

April 8th, the word 'nuke' keep appearing in my dreams!! I was even wearing this t-shirt that has the word 'nuke' printed on it. The next day while researching for my journalism assignment, I found out that Fox news actually use the word 'nuke power plants' instead of nuclear power plants. Up till yesterday, I've never came across the word 'nuke' in my entire life! I don't watch Fox news because its faux and I don't even know what nuke means!

Hmm..I don't know. Shall dig deeper into psychoanalysis and see what I'll learn about it!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates! The past two weeks has been really hectic for me. I have 3 assignments, 2 online postings and a draft. All I did was read, type, read, type, read type with a lot of procrastination in between haha. At one point, I began questioning myself. Am I being stubborn for not asking for an extension? I was really worried because one of the assignment is worth 50% of the course marks and it's a literature subject. For someone who take things very literally, literature is definitely not my forte.

Thank God I didn't ask for an extension because I would probably be struggling with it right now. =) The moment I drop the essay into my lecturer's pigeon hole, I felt so relieved. I can finally start playing Bejeweled Blitz again!! (That was the very first thought that came to my mind)

Tomorrow, I'm gonna get myself a Strawberry and ice cream crepe to reward myself!