Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's a bird story

Yesterday while I was doing my Japanese homework in my sister's room, my sister came and sat next to me. It was quite chilly that morning so she had her jacket on. I noticed some white spots on the jacket and I then I ask her "Is that bird droppings?" and immediately a bird flew into my sister's room, through her door. Apparently the bird flew into my house from another window haha.

I was the one who notice it and screamed "AHH BIRD!!"

The bird was banging against the window really hard obviously it's trying to get out but doesn't know that its a closed window. And then some choc-chip look alike object(?) and some papaya seed just come falling from the bird.

And I screamed again "AHH NIAO DA BIAN!!" (bird's droppings in Chinese)

No idea why my sister went and hide behind her door haha.

I knew that I had to open the window but I was really worried that it might attack me or throw some poop on me or something. Then I's probably easier to clean bird droppings compared to the dead body of a bird who died of haemorrhage.

Opened the window and that bird with a bad tummy flew away.

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