Friday, April 29, 2011


Sorry about the lack of updates! I'm suppose to be on a week long mid semester break but I have two assignments due on the same day next week. I wonder who sets all these due dates..

Royal wedding today! I'm happy for the Royal Couple but honestly, one of the local TV station here is a bit too excited about it. They have sent their reporters to England last week or two weeks ago. Every evening when I switch on the news, there's a corner dedicated to the Royal Wedding. At one point, I thought that the Royal couple has wedded. That tv station also created a guest book for audiences to sign their wishes and a Wedding Wall for people to submit their wedding picture. I get the excitement, but chill!!!

One good news this week! The faculty of law has accepted my application. So I'll be taking one law elective next semester! I hope it's a good decision. I really need to work hard to build on my GPA.

Ahh.. Happy Weekend!

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