Thursday, May 5, 2011

Waking up with you in my dreams AGAIN!

This afternoon, I have reaffirmed myself that choosing law over a writing subject is a wise decision. For someone who interpret things very literally and shallow minded at the same time, writing subjects are just far too abstract for me. I failed my Authorship & Writing assignment in case anyone is wondering haha. I don't feel very disappointed because I've sort of expected it and it's not my first time failing an assignment. And it's also my fault for wanting to finish doing it for the sake of finish it. I should have asked for an extension as I have a valid reason. But there's no point thinking about it now. I'm gonna turn all that 'what if's' into motivation!

On a different note, I've learned something interesting today. There's this female author named Marguerite Duras who is really controlling, manipulative and possessive. She would make her readers read or watch her work the way she wants it to be interpreted. If not, you won't be able to make sense of what she writes/directs. Interesting ey?

And a little note to my repressed memories. If u wish to make a comeback, please return in an obvious way. I don't wanna spend my entire day thinking about it. Thank you! I really don't like the idea that there is something my brain knows and I am completely unaware of.

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