Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Letter to the 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old Chong Ai Rene,

I'm writing this letter thinking that you might want to know what happened in the following 5 years of your life. 

Right now, you're probably struggling to solve an equation in Additional Math's tuition. You must be wondering.."I do all my homework everyday but why I still can't score in add maths." And there's Chemistry and Biology that you just cannot do well in. Don't worry about it okay? Thanks to all that failure, today, you're very open minded when it comes to failing assignments. Some of your friends weep when they did not do well. But you, you're able to accept it and become motivated by it. 

Don't feel that you're the stupid one in a class full of smart people. It's true that you did very badly for SPM but don't worry, because you made it into a world class university. Everyone was shocked by that including you haha. Your university was one of the top 50 universities in the world. The ranking dropped by a hundred spots after your first year. Not trying to imply that you're the one responsible for the drop in rankings heh. 

Remember when you always tell your dad that you'll be the first female F1 driver? That did not happen within this five years. Haha but you manage to get a driver's license within the first try, without any money involve under the table. Everyone was shocked by that, especially your mum. Everyone expected you to fail but you did it.  You did it because of some really lame joke by KinKi Kids. That joke came into your mind right before the test and it helped you relax. Soon, you'll realize that driving is not as fun as what you expected and F1 driver? You rather click on the F1 button on the keyboard.

Oh oh.. that South Korean boy band that you always praise "their Japanese song is so beautiful".. They're no longer one. They're now split into two groups and you un-fan them some time before the split took place. You still enjoy listening to their song though. 

August 26,2006, you said that you intend to take up piano lessons again. But it did not happen in this 5 years time. You attended a charity concert for the survivors of the Tohoku earth-quake and your self esteem was killed by the piano performers. Kids..not even half of your age plays the piano so smoothly just like your typing skills. You may have the ear of a musician but you certainly do not have the talent of a musician.

On a different note, your friends are doing quite ok. You'll go for a food review with Clair, meet up with Kristy to celebrate Kochan's birthday + New Year.. They both struggled in looking for a job and I have a feeling you'll be like that too. Although it's been five years, you are still unsure of what you intend to do after graduating. Still so fickle minded. That doesn't change eh? And, you're still so anti social. 

Your high school friends are all over the place. Estee is in Monash too but in Melbourne pursuing a degree in nursing, Ashton's in Russia doing medicine. Kim and Jackie are in M'sia but you won't be meeting them very often because everyone's very busy. 

Remember how you always wanted to learn Japanese and visit Japan before you turn 20? You felt so annoyed whenever people tell you to study English first before learning Japanese. Don't worry about that. Five years later, you're already at the 'intermediate' level when it comes to Japanese. You've also visited Japan..after turning 20. You walked on the streets of Tokyo all by yourself, not worrying about any communication problem. You even own a J-blog that you put it a lot of effort in updating it. 

By the way, are you checking you Friendster page right now? That favorite site of yours will turn into a site that you're embarrassed of. You even deleted your friendster account! Facebook is what you'll use. You don't really see it as a social networking site but as a place to play Bejeweled Blitz. Do you know you become super excited whenever you talk about Bejeweled Blitz? 

That white Panasonic phone you're using right now? It's gonna die on you in 2 years time. 2008, you got yourself a one of a kind in Malaysia, Softbank phone. You really love that phone very much although it's just a very basic phone. Smart phones can't tempt you. And that iPod you will receive on your 17th birthday... it 'died' too. Water from your water bottle spilled on it when you were driving to university. You were really sad and try all sort of method to retrieve it. Your parents bought you and iPod touch a few months after that. Although it cannot be rescued, you still keep the iPod device, hoping that it will work again some day later.

You don't live in DJ anymore by the way. Your family has shifted to the next neighborhood. It's a very quiet place, just the way you like it but deep down, you miss your old house very much. You'll dream of it very often. And you're still dreaming about teeth falling off and that primary school friend of yours.

That shopping complex located opposite of your high school.. Apparently they'r gonna destroy and rebuild an office building instead. That's kinda sad because just like your old house, it has lots of memories of you, your family and friends. You'll spend lots of time in KFC studying biology with Kim and Ashton in 2007. 

And....You have an imaginary dog named Ran living in your room haha. 

You in 2011

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