Sunday, May 29, 2011

Killing three birds with one stone

Last Wednesday, my friend Irene was complaining about the dim sum we have in Malaysia. She may be a Malaysian but growing up in Hong Kong has Hong Kee-fied her taste buds. My other friend Sha-lene and I decided to bring Irene to this star of the neighborhood dim sum restaurant. A Zara warehouse clearance and Big Bookshop moving out sale was about to take place too so we decided Friday will be a good day for such activity.

Pick the girls up and head out for some good old Hong Kong style dim sum. Nadia came and join us just when we're about to start nom-ing.

some of the dishes we selected

We found this stairs to nowhere

The warehouse sales and book sales were so attractive that I actually went a few trips. Some stuff I bought within this 3 days.

Zara's warehouse sale.. RM10 each!

book sales

Books, sand art, cheat one converse sneakers (Rm20 only) and another top from the warehouse sale

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