Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Toast

Today was my cousin's wedding reception. I am really happy for him that at one point I almost teared recalling all the bad things I did to him haha.

Back then when I was just a kid, my female cousins and my sister doesn't like to play with me. Maybe it's because I was one of the youngest grandchildren of the Chong family? I still remember that there was once they keep scaring me by saying that there's a tiger behind me! So bad right? haha I was really scared you know haha.

Whenever they gather around and play, I'll go and disturb this cousin who is nine years older than me.

There was this chocolate that I really hated. I told him that it's the best chocolate and I'll give him one. The moment he ate it and gave a 'funny taste' expression, I laughed at him.

He was reading a book on Winston Churchill and I'll disturb him by pronouncing 'Churchill' in a very funny accent.

And also when he had bruises due to playing sports, I would press it really really hard..If you think that's terrible.. I also always jump and then sit on his lap.

The day before leaving to London,I went to his house and play music and games on his laptop. I think I was experimenting the laptop's battery haha.

Such a horrible cousin ain't I? haha Maybe thats why other cousins doesn't want to play with me..hmmm

Anyway! I hope that my cousin and cousin in law will lead a wonderful life in London!

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