Friday, December 31, 2010


Happy New Yearrrr! I know its not New Year yet over here but I'll most probably be sleeping around that time so, Happy New Year in advance! haha

It's Koichi's birthday! But I won't be writing any birthday wishes here, so head over to Shoujiki Shindoi to receive some birthday-ness

New Year resolutions? I'll post it once I've compiled everything haha.

May the New Year be an even better year for you! Yes you! heee

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Not asking you to go oh si, but is it Australia day today or something? First came Jessica's Xmas card then Azusa's followed by dinner later with Estee who came back from Aussie last month. hmm

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of bears and Ice cream

I manage to get my lazy butt to jog a little bit, a very random text message from Jessica asking me to have a great day, finally done editing the birthday video, nephew came and visit and said that I have nice hair, my favorite song playing right now with a hot cup of tea next to me.. Ahhh

Anyway! Last Wednesday, I met up with Kristy, who is in town for her cousin's wedding and family Xmas gathering. Firstly we had lunch at Yuzu. A new Japanese restaurant in KLCC. I assume its new cause there were flowers around the entrance. It was during the lunch hour so we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a seat. Food was really good and the set lunch is really worth it. I should have ordered it haha

After lunch, we head to the post office to send a Ferrari. Harrods right after that! no money to go to London's Harrods

Oh Mr. Big green teddy!

Walked around and then head to Kinokuniya to pick up Kristy's magazines. A total of 13 magazines! It's like books for a Japanese crash course haha

This is my favorite! haha Where can I get that poncho?

And the main event of the day! Haha something that we've decided to make as a tradition

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best gift ever??

Very very bad idea to try on the winter jacket during noon. Dizzy..

Anyway! Happy belated Christmas! Christmas this year was ok la. I don't remember since when I've stopped looking forward to Xmas. On the night of Xmas eve, while waiting for my sister to come back from church, I didn't even feel that Xmas is just in a couple of hours. The most Xmas-ey thing I did was saying good night to Santa Claus on an Xmas card. No idea why I did that haha. And I've also watched an Xmas special TV program. Not so much of an Xmas person I guess?

Despite being not so Xmas-ey, I still receive a couple of wishes, cards and gifts. Lazy to list names out but you know who you are. Thanks a lot! heeeee Really awesome gifts this year <3

And guess what is the 'best' thing that happened during Xmas? My laptop hard disc crashed. I was just about to back it up and it decided to give up on me. I was really angry at myself for not backing it up any sooner. Now I need to redo my video and finish it before New Year. Busy week ahead.

I've been ranting so much these days. Something more cheerful will come soon! haha
Happy Boxing Day!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Meet Patchi Botchi, the brainchild of mine if to invent an iPad app for Maxis. The name Patchi Botchi does not mean anything specifically. I just want something that sounds catchy haha.

Basically, this app is for people who are tired of their wardrobe malfunctioning or people who just don't get dress codes such as smart formal, smart casual etc. You'll save a whole lot of time if you have this application because it thinks what to wear for you.

Firstly, you need to create an account. The second step is a little troublesome cause you have to input information of the clothes you have into your iPad. Once the data is stored, you don't have to do it again.

After logging in, it looks something like this.

Just key in whatever information you have

Click submit and tadaaaa~

Scroll down..scroll down

There will be three suggested coordinations for you to choose from. Once you've decided which coordination you would like to use, click on it and automatically it will be saved into your Look Book. You can also browse your friend's Look Book and get a rough idea what will they be wearing. I'm sure you don't wanna end up wearing the same outfit as your friend!

Maxis contest participant badge

Anyway, do you know that iPads are now available through Maxis? Check out Maxis' Data Plan for iPad

For more information, click here!

This is an entry for Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis. Contest ends next 17 January~ Who knows, you might be the lucky one to win an iPad! Hurry and participate!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It takes one to tell one

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been sick and buzy for the past few days. It started from last Monday. My attempt to make a strawberry shortcake failed very epicly.

the cake did not raise properly

so I transform them into this

When I was washing up all the baking utensils, my shoulder and leg felt funny. Its like there's this thread/string/nerve? connecting the shoulder and leg and that string was being pulled very intensely. Felt dizzy and almost collapsed. With all my strength I ran up to the nearest room to get some rest. I was breathing very rapidly. I think my brain was probably effected as well? Haha it didn't cross my mind to just lie down at the sofa which was so much nearer compared to the room.

Down with fever that night. Then sore throat the next few days. And then cough, followed by a complete voice loss. Thank God my family was able to sort of understand what I was trying to 'say'. My sister was like "this is the time you should speak in Kansai ben"(Kansai ben is somehow very easy to understand even though you don't speak the language) And then Monday, I had food poisoning. Like seriously? One year worth of sickness took place in one whole week.

I'm much better now, just a little cough and sore throat. So don't worry~~ hee

Friday, December 10, 2010

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Oh my God! You see, I'm currently on semester break and I don't have an intern or part time job. So I was thinking, I should do something for the house. Besides experimenting with new recipes, I should also not limit my territory to cockroach/bugs terminator and electrical appliances. Since I've downloaded a couple of HQ music video, why don't I try adding some songs into the karaoke machine. It comes with a manual so it shouldn't be that hard right?

I followed 'How to add songs 101' step by step and everything seems ok. Restarted the machine and YES, something went wrong!! Apparently, a whole lot of data has ben 'replaced'. Sheeeeeettttttttt. Suddenly I felt like that kid who broke the vase but didn't dare to tell his mum.

But I called my mum anyway haha. She said that it's alright. We have to learn things through trial and error. I was so relieved or maybe its because she's in her office? but still AHHHHH. So much for being experimental. Think its gonna cost a couple of hundred Ringgits for that.

On another note, there's this guy who keeps burning stuff behind my neighbor's house. Naturally, the smoke will fly over to my house and honestly, it feels like my life was cut shorter because of the smoke. I think he was burning some kind of plastic stuff that produced some really pungent smell. The poor laundry that was dried at the back garden..instead of being fresh and all, it smells like it just came back from a barbecue party.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm yours

No idea why that song *points at title* has been stuck in my head for a few days.

Anyway! It's time to write an entry that I do every December. The Previously on The Rene Report 2010 entry haha

- King's birthday
- I relocated to a new place with a very weird address. The postman couldn't reach us for a month plus
- I made a video "As Easy as a backflip"

- Some monkey came into my house and stole a container of biscuits and some bananas
- Chinese New Year

- Second year begins!
- JLPT results! hee something I'm proud off
- Sister's convocation

- Major mishearing incident\
- Dots birthdya

- Mum's birthday
- Tons of assignment deadlines to meet

- Parent's 25th anniversary
- Brought my friend to SS2's Pasar Malam
- Japan Film Festival
- I started Shoujiki Shindoi
- Estee, Kim and I joined a 5KM run on my birthday

- New semester begins! Shocked by my lecturer's passing
- Bon Odori
- Sister's birthday
- Huge parcel from Kristy with lots of Japanese goods

- Someone added sugar into my green tea!!!!!!!!
- Received my Yesasia goods! First time ordering haha

- Cabbage soup, the culprit in making me feel like I've ran a full marathon
- Hari Raya at Putrajaya and Klang
- Bought a pair of Doc Marten inspired boots at a bargain price

- Tons of assignment deadlines to meet
- Dad's birthday
-End of Year 2

- Final exam!
- Drama marathon everyday

- Had the best curry rice ever!
- ?
- ?

Monday, December 6, 2010


I think there's some kind of time bomb planted inside my head. Everyday when it reaches about 2 or 3PM, it will go off.

Anyway, took my JLPT yesterday and I'm finally test free for the year! The after effect of JLPT was really bad. More like the LRT trip back from the test site to home la. Haha all I wanted to do is sleep!

After the test, it made me wonder a little. Will I be able to stay on until N1? Will I be sitting for the N1 paper three years later? For now I'm determined but in the future I don't know.

Lunch today is cake and muruku ikan. Even my maid protested how 'cincai' I am when it comes to food. She said to me "if there's biscuit, you'll definitely eat biscuit right?" Haha its not that I'm lazy or what. Its just that when I'm at home, eating anything is fine as long as I don't feel hungry. Once a while I cook too, but its no fun cooking for myself.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh baby baby

Whee results was released yesterday and thank God, I did better than expected. Everyone from my family was shocked when they saw my results. including me 1 distinction and 3 highly distinction! The unexpected subjects somehow scored higher than the ones that I want to do well. I manage to bring up my GPA a little bit but next two semester is gonna be a tough one. I have two writing subjects that are like the black hole of the Arts faculty. Need to do even better.

Oh ya, I went to the Japan Embassy the other day. There was this WANTED poster pasted up in almost every corner of the embassy. It's very disturbing. Couldn't sleep because the image kept playing in my mind. My bad for Googling those people.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Harmony of December

Happy December! In about 4 weeks and we'll be in 2011 already!
It's been about 3 weeks since I started my semester break and there's still a whole lot of things to do before 2010 ends. Results coming out on Friday, JLPT this Sunday, Visa application, study maps, my holiday research topic, video project, need to go swimming etc. Yosh! One last dash, sprint to the end.

Super generous serving of curry sauce! haha it looks dilute but the taste is not dilute at all. Its's rich, but not so rich that you won't feel like eating curry for the next few months.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm gonna send the first batch of Xmas cards tomorrow morning! Its been some time since I last visited the post office. Kinda excited about it haha. Hope the postage won't cost too much!

Ahh..semester break. But I feel even busier than before, as if I have an assignment deadline to meet. And more things are piling up on the 'To Do list'. Must.Remember.Parkinson's.Law.

The year is ending in about 5 weeks time. I think I'm ready for 2011. Are you?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm 20 so what?

Regarding the question I ask earlier.
There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

When I first saw XZQT, my brain automatically broke it down to

X = ex
Z = zee
Q = que
T = tee

then, brain joins everything together and registers the word 'Executive'. So naturally, I thought its a boutique selling office wear. But no, apparently its a furniture shop. So not in the name!

Something that I realize lately. When your 90 and you complain about your aching leg or something, most people will take u very seriously. But if your 20, people will think that you're faking it or its actually just some cramp or anything. Hate it when someone doubted me when they found out that I'm going to see an orthopedic. Seriously, when your 90, your blood circulation slows down and naturally you'll feel aches here and there. Isn't it a problem if you're going through does when you're 20? "never mind wan la..." Who are you to say that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guru guru PAHHHHH

No one answered my question! So I'm posting it again.

There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Liz Liz Lisa

Whenever I read a Japanese fashion magazine, the same thought never fails to appear in my mind - "I want something from Liz Lisa!!!" So, when there's finally a chance to win a Liz Lisa knitted bow hat, I have to take part in it even if I have a wardrobe breakdown or malfunction.

Yup, you read it right. Hermes of An addiction to cuteness is having a 100+ followers giveaway!
<--- click click

All you have to do is coordinate an outfit that you think would match this knitted beanie, brown or white, which do u like? Easy easy!

As for me, I would replace this black beret with the white knitted beanie
Long knitted ribbon top, a dark blue or black wife beaters inside, black hand bag, black boots and maybe black leggings..Depending on the weather, occasion and where am I heading to.

Thats not all~
As there are some gold details on my black bag, I would accesorize it with a black rose ring, gold crown ring and a not so gold long necklace.

Heee,something simple from me =) So what are u waiting for, click on HERE for more information about the giveaway!

Bzz bzzz

Pheww exam's out and semester break is in! But it seems that I just got busier. Need to work on my itinary, upcoming JLPT, get a job but firstly, spring clean! Not only the study table, computer but also the brain. Time to put all the psychoanalysis or hyperreality at a side! And I'm finally going for an Xray for my leg! Time to see whether I diagnose myself correctly or not. Its like a mini 'test' ey?

Recently, I've watched this drama called Love Shuffle. Basically, its about four couples who is having some sort of relationship problem. They decided to shuffle their partners with each other to reconfirm their feelings and what is best for them. It was so interesting that I couldn't stop watching once I started an episode. I ended up finish the entire series within a day. haha it was that good.

Anyway...question to ponder! There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One down, one more to go.

One paper down this morning, and one last one to go on Thursday! I really need the vibes and energy to continue studying. Yesterday was quite crazy cause I was really determined to study. And suddenly, I'm down with a light fever and slight headache. Actually, I was more productive when I'm not feeling well. I've read so much..I think more than what I've been reading in the past few weeks. A do or die situation I guess? haha. Can't wait for Thursday to come!

PS: My entries are getting shorter and shorter. Maybe I should switch to micro-blogging. Hmmm

Monday, November 1, 2010

Left Left Left Right Left

As usual, I woke up feeling like an old lady. Not only my left hip bone is cracking, left leg is aching and now the very last rib bone on the left is protesting. But at least I think I found out the reason of the hip cracking hoho. Google is like my General Medicine department. Whenever there is a problem, I turn to it. But it's really funny cause the hip snapping thing.. most of it happened to athletes and I'm no where near that. I'm just someone who has been a klutz for the entire of my life. And still one.

On a very different page, at what age do u think is the time that you can tell yourself to let go of everything in the world and just rest in peace? At 20, you're still looking for your dream job. At 30, you have a good job want a home. At 40, your family is your priority. At 50, you worry about your kids. At 60, you want to see your kids settle well. At 70, At 80 or At 90? Question to ponder.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week, I bought a fur beret at a real bargain price. Or maybe the lady calculated wrongly? Anyway, the problem is it stinks like dog poop. No kidding there. All of it have the same scent so I bought it anyway. The stupidest thing I've ever done is to spray perfume on it. Instead of covering the poopy smell, its became poop + perfume, which is ten times worse. I've sunned and aired it for a few days and it's getting better. Whoo! I guess instead of turning to chemicals, its better to use whatever that is available for us naturally eh? Thank you, Mr/Ms Sun and wind.

On a very random note, I won a cat naming contest haha.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 things / 2 people

Yesterday, I was reminded about two things that I really enjoyed doing back then in elementary school. I don't know why but I've stopped participating in such activities after graduating.

1. Choir
I was on the choir club for 4 years, and I still cant sing very well. Haha I don't remember what did I learn from that four years but attending choir practices is something that I look forward to every Friday. We took part in competition and won, we performed for the school's function... My proudest moment would definitely be winning the 2nd place for the choir competition and when the conductor said that I have very good expressions. drama queen ever since I was a kid ey? Haha and I really liked the uniform! Still keeping it although its been 8 years.

2. Table tennis
Actually I like tennis more compared to table tennis. But there's no tennis club in my elementary school. I was in the table tennis club for 3 years and made it to the regulars team. I played for my school when I was 12. Didn't win but it was quite interesting cause I was able to visit other schools and explore their canteen. I still play the table tennis after primary school but no longer playing it in a school club. I don't know why but ever since I got into secondary school, I stop buying the idea of joining a club.

Two people that I really really wanna thank is Clair and Kim. Seriously without them, I don't think I'll be able to survive university. They're not even from the same uni as me haha but they've helped me endlessly throughout completing my assignments. Even if they can't really help, they would try to help. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you don't shove me away when I ask for help. Thanks!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 13

Everything is going so well this week that I'm starting to be worried. I don't know why but Murphy's Law is embedded in my head after taking PR. Definitely not an idealist there. Haha

Anyway, this semester in a nut shell,
1. I enjoyed my communication units very much this semester. That made me decide to do a double major (Comm and Journalism)

2. The best part of Comm is I was introduced to theories by Althusser and Foucault. Although I felt very lost reading their arguments about there is no such thing is real, power/knowledge, governmentality etc...

3. It seems that most people hates Althusser. Is it because he argued that there's no such thing as 'real' and 'an individual'? But I actually prefer him over Foucault. Haha
Althusser and Foucault

4. Also, I got to watch some really psycho show just to learn more about Sigmund Freud. And lots of hyperreality films as well to study postmodernism.

5. Not forgetting, I came across this really genius author, George Orwell who wrote a book in 1948 and the things that he 'predicted' in the story came true today. He wrote about surveillance camera and we have it on streets even in Monash's cafeteria

6.I've passed my comm units before adding exam's marks! This is a first in my entire university life. For the pass 3 semesters, I have to calculate how many marks more needed in order to pass. This time, I'm aiming for the highest!

On a very different note, my kanji loo roll is finally here! haha

Study in toilet? haha

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do me a favor

It's a bit long but please watch this video~ I'm sure it will make u smile

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lie to me*

The thing about Japanese dramas is once a tv series ends, it will take some time before the next one starts. To fill in that 'gap', I decided to catch up on American series that I've been missing out.

Some of my favorites include (not in order)

C.S.I not Vegas, Miami but New York, only NY

Time to be psychoanalytic like Freud with Criminal Minds

mystery solving with everyone's favorite mystery novelist Castle

professional lie detectors- Lie To Me

The first 3 are not exactly new to me. I've been watching them for quite some time already. CSI NY tells both about the CSI team and crime scene, Criminal Minds gives a more in dept psychoanalysis while Castle has a comical approach to crime solving.

'Lie to me' on the other hand is fairly new to me. It has been around for a couple of seasons already but I did not take interest in it until I saw their advertisement on FOX. It's really really good! Should have discovered this show much earlier!! I'm too lazy to type what is it about, just click on the wiki link I hyperlinked above ya?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Qualifications of Men

As much as I enjoy watching Japanese TV programs, I think Korean tv shows have better content. My family and I really enjoyed watching '1 Night and 2 Days' and 'Let's Go Dream Team'. Recently, another show has been added into our favorite list.

Qualification of Men

The show is about the seven men made up of a bossy film director, legendary guitarist who behaves/looks like a grandmother, a comedian with a doctorate degree, another comedian, gag man and two actors.

Synopsis: 101 Things Men Should do Before Death There are things worth trying in your lifetime before you die. The cast of this show will experience it for you. You become a real man and enrich your life as you go for the challenges you have always wanted to do, must do or felt right doing.

Their missions are like not smoking for a day, return to high school, take a license exam, forming a rock band and compete, buying presents for your love ones, prepare a meal for someone important etc

One of the challenge that I really enjoyed watching is the choir challenge. They're supposed to form a choir team of 32 members. (Members were picked via audition) Many people, including rookie singers, rockers, comedians, news anchor, fighter came the for audition. And then they practiced for two months and this is the result! *points video*

It's so touching!!! They use to be really bad at harmonizing and now they trust each other and enjoyed it! Ahh..I miss my choir days. Now I wish that they're a choir club in Monash or something.

by the way, the full episode of the choir competition will most probably be on air next Wednesday on KBS world! hohoho can't wait to watch it on tv

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pa!

Pheww..finally done writing my FTV assignment. Before starting the next one, I'm gonna blog a little bit about my dad's birthday last Saturday. The initial dinner plan was either Tenji or Tao but I ended up choosing Kura because it's closer to my house. Thank God we chose Kura cause the food was really good and my mum had food poisoning on Saturday morning. Imagine having to go through a buffet after a whole day of food poisoning. Terrible I guess.

Kura, One World Hotel

Very nice ambiance (no pic of it)

It's autumn in Japan and in Kura as well

Parents waiting patiently for the food


Dashi Mentai Tamago, from their special autumn menu

Very juicy Saba shioyaki

Ebiten roll

Spider roll

Crispy Salmon Roll

Caterpillar roll

Kimchi chigae seafood hot pot from the autumn menu

Seafood that comes along the hot pot

Started a fire after drinking the soup from the hot pot

The rolls are really really good! The best maki sushi I ever had. Despite locating in a 5 star hotel, the price is actually quite reasonable. cheaper compared to Kikuzakura or Tomoe Definitely worth every amount you pay.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treble Spaces problem?

Something funny happened this afternoon. It was raining when I reach my uni. So I brought down my umbrella. When I was about to reach entrance, I saw someone I knew. She attended the same tuition and high school as me back then. She was leaving and did not bring her umbrella, so I offered to walk her to her car la. She ask, "So do you still play piano?" I was really shocked by that because I quit piano 10 years ago, way before I know her. Haha must have remembered me as someone else.

Maybe I have that pro pianist face?

Haha just kidding.

On Monday, I was concentrating on something and my lecturer suddenly came and ask me "Why so gloomy?" and I almost answer "because I have to attend your class". If I don't smile, it doesn't mean that I'm angry or gloomy or what ok? It just means that I'm not a crazy girl who smiles all the time.

I'm not angry, I'm just doing something else

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mo Mo Mo

Yay semester break! But I have a major assignment to do. =(
I'm gonna have to think like Foucalt for the next few weeks!

There's some really good news last week heeeeee. I've secured my tickets to Tokyo at a quite reasonable price thanks to Air Asia! Please fly to Osaka soon so I don't have to take the trouble to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by night bus. But before this trip, I gotta look for an intern position or something. Ahh..

Of course there's a price to pay for good news. On Sunday, the lightning was really fierce and my gate, astro, fridge, modem, router and cpu was affected by it. Yet to check the karaoke machine. Also, there was a complete blackout/power failure downstairs. yay to that cause grandma's room is downstairs.Most of the things are already fixed and I manage to get some really good workout by pushing the gate manually. =)

And I need your opinions. Actually, I've pretty much decided on this already but just wanna know what you guys think about this.Is this Alexander McQueen skull scarf too morbid?

I've seen a course mate of mine and MatsuJun in it and its no where near morbid. Maybe they're able to pull it off la but hmm should I get it? saw an inspired version in Pyramid opinions please! Banyak thanks!

Friday, September 17, 2010

La La La

Remember my previous post talking about how I ran in a marathon in my dream? Turns out that nope, I did not run. My detective instinct found out that the culprit that cause me to suffer all that cramps and pain.

Cabbage Soup! Damn!

And it's not the first time. But it doesn't occur all the time after consuming cabbage soup though. Most of the time I'm lucky enough to escape this horrible stage/process. Thank God I'm not 'allergic'(?) to other cabbage dishes. Okonomiyaki for the world!

Okonomiyaki prepared by Kim, Ashton and I about a month ago

Anyway, I know this is super late, but HAPPY RAYA to all celebrating this joyful festival. With all the Ground Zero and Quran controversy, Raya this year was not as peaceful as previous years. But still, I hope everyone celebrating Raya had a great time. =)

Like every year, my family and I visited a couple of relatives of us. One in Klang and one in Putrajaya. I did not bring my camera to the Klang visit, so no photos on that. On the other hand, Putrajaya photos!

Putrajaya welcomes you

Putrajaya is... a really nice place to take pictures.Its so wide, green, clean and quiet. Very minimalist-ish housing area.

Testing out the pinhole function

Very blue sky that day

Trying to do a running-turn shot, but looks more like a cha cha haha

A Jump shot with sister's shoes haha

Banana tree planted by my relatives

Sunset on the way back

Looks like salted egg yoke eh?

Hungryy. Craving for pan mee haha