Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lie to me*

The thing about Japanese dramas is once a tv series ends, it will take some time before the next one starts. To fill in that 'gap', I decided to catch up on American series that I've been missing out.

Some of my favorites include (not in order)

C.S.I not Vegas, Miami but New York, only NY

Time to be psychoanalytic like Freud with Criminal Minds

mystery solving with everyone's favorite mystery novelist Castle

professional lie detectors- Lie To Me

The first 3 are not exactly new to me. I've been watching them for quite some time already. CSI NY tells both about the CSI team and crime scene, Criminal Minds gives a more in dept psychoanalysis while Castle has a comical approach to crime solving.

'Lie to me' on the other hand is fairly new to me. It has been around for a couple of seasons already but I did not take interest in it until I saw their advertisement on FOX. It's really really good! Should have discovered this show much earlier!! I'm too lazy to type what is it about, just click on the wiki link I hyperlinked above ya?

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  1. the lastest tvb drama 读心神探 is a remake of 'lie to me' but tvb refused to admit it ><
    anyway, it is a super nice drama!