Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pa!

Pheww..finally done writing my FTV assignment. Before starting the next one, I'm gonna blog a little bit about my dad's birthday last Saturday. The initial dinner plan was either Tenji or Tao but I ended up choosing Kura because it's closer to my house. Thank God we chose Kura cause the food was really good and my mum had food poisoning on Saturday morning. Imagine having to go through a buffet after a whole day of food poisoning. Terrible I guess.

Kura, One World Hotel

Very nice ambiance (no pic of it)

It's autumn in Japan and in Kura as well

Parents waiting patiently for the food


Dashi Mentai Tamago, from their special autumn menu

Very juicy Saba shioyaki

Ebiten roll

Spider roll

Crispy Salmon Roll

Caterpillar roll

Kimchi chigae seafood hot pot from the autumn menu

Seafood that comes along the hot pot

Started a fire after drinking the soup from the hot pot

The rolls are really really good! The best maki sushi I ever had. Despite locating in a 5 star hotel, the price is actually quite reasonable. cheaper compared to Kikuzakura or Tomoe Definitely worth every amount you pay.

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