Thursday, October 14, 2010

Qualifications of Men

As much as I enjoy watching Japanese TV programs, I think Korean tv shows have better content. My family and I really enjoyed watching '1 Night and 2 Days' and 'Let's Go Dream Team'. Recently, another show has been added into our favorite list.

Qualification of Men

The show is about the seven men made up of a bossy film director, legendary guitarist who behaves/looks like a grandmother, a comedian with a doctorate degree, another comedian, gag man and two actors.

Synopsis: 101 Things Men Should do Before Death There are things worth trying in your lifetime before you die. The cast of this show will experience it for you. You become a real man and enrich your life as you go for the challenges you have always wanted to do, must do or felt right doing.

Their missions are like not smoking for a day, return to high school, take a license exam, forming a rock band and compete, buying presents for your love ones, prepare a meal for someone important etc

One of the challenge that I really enjoyed watching is the choir challenge. They're supposed to form a choir team of 32 members. (Members were picked via audition) Many people, including rookie singers, rockers, comedians, news anchor, fighter came the for audition. And then they practiced for two months and this is the result! *points video*

It's so touching!!! They use to be really bad at harmonizing and now they trust each other and enjoyed it! Ahh..I miss my choir days. Now I wish that they're a choir club in Monash or something.

by the way, the full episode of the choir competition will most probably be on air next Wednesday on KBS world! hohoho can't wait to watch it on tv

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