Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Treble Spaces problem?

Something funny happened this afternoon. It was raining when I reach my uni. So I brought down my umbrella. When I was about to reach entrance, I saw someone I knew. She attended the same tuition and high school as me back then. She was leaving and did not bring her umbrella, so I offered to walk her to her car la. She ask, "So do you still play piano?" I was really shocked by that because I quit piano 10 years ago, way before I know her. Haha must have remembered me as someone else.

Maybe I have that pro pianist face?

Haha just kidding.

On Monday, I was concentrating on something and my lecturer suddenly came and ask me "Why so gloomy?" and I almost answer "because I have to attend your class". If I don't smile, it doesn't mean that I'm angry or gloomy or what ok? It just means that I'm not a crazy girl who smiles all the time.

I'm not angry, I'm just doing something else

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