Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mo Mo Mo

Yay semester break! But I have a major assignment to do. =(
I'm gonna have to think like Foucalt for the next few weeks!

There's some really good news last week heeeeee. I've secured my tickets to Tokyo at a quite reasonable price thanks to Air Asia! Please fly to Osaka soon so I don't have to take the trouble to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by night bus. But before this trip, I gotta look for an intern position or something. Ahh..

Of course there's a price to pay for good news. On Sunday, the lightning was really fierce and my gate, astro, fridge, modem, router and cpu was affected by it. Yet to check the karaoke machine. Also, there was a complete blackout/power failure downstairs. yay to that cause grandma's room is downstairs.Most of the things are already fixed and I manage to get some really good workout by pushing the gate manually. =)

And I need your opinions. Actually, I've pretty much decided on this already but just wanna know what you guys think about this.Is this Alexander McQueen skull scarf too morbid?

I've seen a course mate of mine and MatsuJun in it and its no where near morbid. Maybe they're able to pull it off la but hmm should I get it? saw an inspired version in Pyramid opinions please! Banyak thanks!

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