Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why oh Why

I went to bed really early yesterday but instead of feeling really refreshed this morning, I couldn't get out of bed at all! It felt like I ran in a full marathon while I was sleeping. I must have ran with Ryo kun as he was the first person that crossed my mind when I opened my eyes.

Running man?

I woke up at 8am, but I couldn't move at all. My back hurts, my arm aches, sharp pain behind my ear and both leg cramps.I need to see a general practitioner!These cramps has been attacking me since I was a kid!

It was until 9am that I finally gathered enough strength to get up. Walking down the stairs was horrible. It felt like I was gonna fall anytime. And now (7:51PM), I still feel like shit. And I think I'm gonna catch a fever soon. Ahh. Why am I so weak?

Could it be the weather? It rained a lot this morning. Chinese believes in rheumatism a lot though its longer used in medcine.. hmm if it's really because of the cold weather, I don't think a winter trip is a good idea. Sigh.

On a different note, I bought this pair of Timberland inspired boots yesterday. Guess how much was it? Only RM30!
So cheap, I can't resists.

Haha knitted wear, CHECKED! Boots, CHECKED! All I need to do now is renew my passport and an air ticket! Fingers crossed!

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