Friday, September 3, 2010

I can do magic!

Life has been pretty blissful for me for the past two weeks. I finish my TV studies assignment a week ahead of the due date, talked to my journalism lecturer about my next assignment, read and summarized an 28 pages long reading on Ideology and Althusser then presented it without making any silly mistakes, bought Ice cream without having to line up casue not many people are aware about the Baskin Robins promotion that begins on the 29th of August, started working on my next assignment and the main highlight of the week, I won a toilet roll, tofu papers and a Japanese phrasebook!

Toilet what?

It's not any loo roll but a Kanji loo roll that I can learn how to read and write Kanji characters. Heee

On another note, who wants to go to Osaka with me this December/January?

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