Saturday, August 28, 2010

Would appreciate it very much if...

No, no.. I did not forget that I own a blog make it two blogs. Its just that nothing worth mentioning happened lately. In a way I should be thankful eh? That nothing very bad has happened on me.

Anyway.. I know you guys are so sick of seeing Koichi's email to me whenever you visit my blog, so I have to update something la.

Like the title said.. I'll appreciate it very much if

People stop sending me scam messages. Hello? If u really need money that badly, the first thing you should do is stop texting people about them winning the lotto or something. I bet you'll be able to save a lot of money from there. I receive two of those scam messages last week. Geez..

Sushi Zanmai maintains their standard. A couple of days ago, I had one of the best meals ever at Sushi Zanmai. It's been long since I had really good Tamago Mentai sushi! Sometimes they serve really little mentai on the sushi. But my last visit was really good. It would be great if the amount of mentai given everytime I visit is as much as what is shown on that photo.

Last Saturday, I had to attend a compulsory lecture in my university. The cafeteria is not open so I had to walk out to one of the restaurant nearby for lunch. I ordered green tea and guess what came? Green tea with sugar. I was really shock when I took the first sip and my face changed immediately. I don't even add sugar into black tea, so sugared green tea is very very weird to my taste buds. Its true that some people do add sugar into green tea, but for me, No No No! It tastes more like syrup, seriously.

Somemone help me eat this please? I made these marshmallow cause the initial plan was my friends coming over for a couple of rounds of Trivia Pursuit (Wii game). But the plan did not went on. So now I have lots of marshmallow inside the refrigerator.

Give me a break.I am tired.
Why is mid semester break so far away?

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