Friday, August 20, 2010

This week..In a nut shell

This week started with an argument with my grandmother. As usual, her biological clock is 12 hours off. She was whining on and on about my maid forcing her to bath. I couldn't stand so I corrected her. "It's PM not AM!" And guess what she replied? " How dare you side the maid. You're so cruel and heartless. bla bla bla Thunder will strike on you." I got angry, raised my voice and say "I'm not scared, I didn't do anything wrong." and she replied "You're a small kid, you don't know. I tell your father!" But too bad for her cause everyone knows about her 'jetlagness' except for her. Quite sad eh.

So that leads me to the question of "Is it okay to do/say something really bad if you're old? Should people be respected for their age? I know when you grow old, your brain will probably not function as well as when you're young. Alzheimer bla bla bla. But is stubborn-ess embedded along with old age? I thought that senior citizens should be wise and experienced. That's why they're respected right?

This week was filled with lots of 'waiting'.

On Wednesday morning, I received an email from Koichi.

click to enlarge

At first, I was like WHAT? Koichi. And then I realize it was Tofugu's Koichi writing in to inform me that I did not win in their giveaway. Haha I knew that I didn't stand a chance cause other's are so creative. But I was really looking forward for the release of the results.

And then, I waited for the pair of fake glasses I ordered for my sister, waited for my yesasia stuff to come and waited for my camera. Everything came before Thursday! Which was really great cause I really need the camera this weekend and have been waiting for Yesasia for a couple of weeks.

Talking about Yesasia, I manage to find some really steal deals last month.

Koichi's Ayakashi single for only $3.50 and Kanjani8's Muzekinin Hero for $10.50. I ordered it on a Saturday and on the following Monday, the price went up to $10 and $19.50 respectively. Phewwwww.. saved some money there. Haha I also bought Garasu no Shounen, Tsuyoshi's Utuskushi ware no Sora, Rilakkuma sticker and a birthday gift for a September born haha. I might send it early to u this year hahah I don't even know whether u have it in your collection or not hmmm

Anyway..thats all for this week I guess? Haha gotta go check out some readings on the Frankfurt School.


  1. hermm~my grandmum sometimes(or always?) will over-react but she is perfectly ok, no any mental diseases while she likes to claim tat she has Alzheimer @@
    my grandmum 'likes' to say the thunder thing as well and v couldnt say she was wrong and corrected her, she'll argue till u shut up. how nonsense is it...><

    yea, they shud b respected by their wise and experiences!

  2. good to hear that I'm not alone
    she;s so annoying laaa URGHH
    i just don't want to look at her!