Saturday, August 14, 2010

Six Feet Under

I know, I know..I've been abandoning my blog for way too long! I'm so sorry but I'm very occupied with assignments. and I've played too hard for the past few days Currently I'm working on a paper that requires me to write about realism and issues of representation of this TV series called Six Feet Under.

Six Feet Under was a little disturbing yet unbelievably real. I guess maybe it's because the discourse is related to death and it's a taboo topic for many. It has a lot of ideologies behind it. Maybe I should write this for my TV studies major assignment next time.

On a random note, has anyone watched 'Inception'? is it still on cinemas? If you've not, better go and catch it. It's very Christopher Noolan-ish and I highly recommend it. After watching it, I can never look at dreams at the same way anymore.

Anyway, I gotta go bury my heads in books that talks about death. I promise a proper update next week! Haha

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  1. hi renee, could you help me out. i'm currently writing the same essay as you! any tips or notes?? thanks