About Rene

Chong Ai Rene or more commonly known as Rene Chong is an anti-social with facial expression problems who rants and complains as much as the amount of energy used in China daily. As curious as a cat and as random as a (insert anything random here) She does not have a fix writing style which is not a very good thing for a Journalism student. CAR might be her name initials but she totally hates driving. Finds peace in listening to good old oldies and live an old lady lifestyle. Absolutely sensitive to noise. But she doesn't mind if its a Southern All Star or Spitz's song playing. Gets paranoid when heard something 'foreign' and gets migraines immediately if exposed to loud noise. KinKi Kids, Yamashita Tomohisa and Ohkura Tadayoshi spins her world around. Learning Japanese and hoping to find a job that requires her speaking Japanese in the future. I think she secretly thinks that Bejeweled Blitz is the most exciting one minute ever.

Humor and entertainment might be the theme of this blog don't judge her from her writings.