Friday, September 17, 2010

La La La

Remember my previous post talking about how I ran in a marathon in my dream? Turns out that nope, I did not run. My detective instinct found out that the culprit that cause me to suffer all that cramps and pain.

Cabbage Soup! Damn!

And it's not the first time. But it doesn't occur all the time after consuming cabbage soup though. Most of the time I'm lucky enough to escape this horrible stage/process. Thank God I'm not 'allergic'(?) to other cabbage dishes. Okonomiyaki for the world!

Okonomiyaki prepared by Kim, Ashton and I about a month ago

Anyway, I know this is super late, but HAPPY RAYA to all celebrating this joyful festival. With all the Ground Zero and Quran controversy, Raya this year was not as peaceful as previous years. But still, I hope everyone celebrating Raya had a great time. =)

Like every year, my family and I visited a couple of relatives of us. One in Klang and one in Putrajaya. I did not bring my camera to the Klang visit, so no photos on that. On the other hand, Putrajaya photos!

Putrajaya welcomes you

Putrajaya is... a really nice place to take pictures.Its so wide, green, clean and quiet. Very minimalist-ish housing area.

Testing out the pinhole function

Very blue sky that day

Trying to do a running-turn shot, but looks more like a cha cha haha

A Jump shot with sister's shoes haha

Banana tree planted by my relatives

Sunset on the way back

Looks like salted egg yoke eh?

Hungryy. Craving for pan mee haha

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