Monday, November 1, 2010

Left Left Left Right Left

As usual, I woke up feeling like an old lady. Not only my left hip bone is cracking, left leg is aching and now the very last rib bone on the left is protesting. But at least I think I found out the reason of the hip cracking hoho. Google is like my General Medicine department. Whenever there is a problem, I turn to it. But it's really funny cause the hip snapping thing.. most of it happened to athletes and I'm no where near that. I'm just someone who has been a klutz for the entire of my life. And still one.

On a very different page, at what age do u think is the time that you can tell yourself to let go of everything in the world and just rest in peace? At 20, you're still looking for your dream job. At 30, you have a good job want a home. At 40, your family is your priority. At 50, you worry about your kids. At 60, you want to see your kids settle well. At 70, At 80 or At 90? Question to ponder.

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