Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm 20 so what?

Regarding the question I ask earlier.
There is this shop name called XZQT. What do u think that shop sells?

When I first saw XZQT, my brain automatically broke it down to

X = ex
Z = zee
Q = que
T = tee

then, brain joins everything together and registers the word 'Executive'. So naturally, I thought its a boutique selling office wear. But no, apparently its a furniture shop. So not in the name!

Something that I realize lately. When your 90 and you complain about your aching leg or something, most people will take u very seriously. But if your 20, people will think that you're faking it or its actually just some cramp or anything. Hate it when someone doubted me when they found out that I'm going to see an orthopedic. Seriously, when your 90, your blood circulation slows down and naturally you'll feel aches here and there. Isn't it a problem if you're going through does when you're 20? "never mind wan la..." Who are you to say that.

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