Sunday, December 26, 2010

Best gift ever??

Very very bad idea to try on the winter jacket during noon. Dizzy..

Anyway! Happy belated Christmas! Christmas this year was ok la. I don't remember since when I've stopped looking forward to Xmas. On the night of Xmas eve, while waiting for my sister to come back from church, I didn't even feel that Xmas is just in a couple of hours. The most Xmas-ey thing I did was saying good night to Santa Claus on an Xmas card. No idea why I did that haha. And I've also watched an Xmas special TV program. Not so much of an Xmas person I guess?

Despite being not so Xmas-ey, I still receive a couple of wishes, cards and gifts. Lazy to list names out but you know who you are. Thanks a lot! heeeee Really awesome gifts this year <3

And guess what is the 'best' thing that happened during Xmas? My laptop hard disc crashed. I was just about to back it up and it decided to give up on me. I was really angry at myself for not backing it up any sooner. Now I need to redo my video and finish it before New Year. Busy week ahead.

I've been ranting so much these days. Something more cheerful will come soon! haha
Happy Boxing Day!

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