Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Of bears and Ice cream

I manage to get my lazy butt to jog a little bit, a very random text message from Jessica asking me to have a great day, finally done editing the birthday video, nephew came and visit and said that I have nice hair, my favorite song playing right now with a hot cup of tea next to me.. Ahhh

Anyway! Last Wednesday, I met up with Kristy, who is in town for her cousin's wedding and family Xmas gathering. Firstly we had lunch at Yuzu. A new Japanese restaurant in KLCC. I assume its new cause there were flowers around the entrance. It was during the lunch hour so we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get a seat. Food was really good and the set lunch is really worth it. I should have ordered it haha

After lunch, we head to the post office to send a Ferrari. Harrods right after that! no money to go to London's Harrods

Oh Mr. Big green teddy!

Walked around and then head to Kinokuniya to pick up Kristy's magazines. A total of 13 magazines! It's like books for a Japanese crash course haha

This is my favorite! haha Where can I get that poncho?

And the main event of the day! Haha something that we've decided to make as a tradition

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