Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It takes one to tell one

Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been sick and buzy for the past few days. It started from last Monday. My attempt to make a strawberry shortcake failed very epicly.

the cake did not raise properly

so I transform them into this

When I was washing up all the baking utensils, my shoulder and leg felt funny. Its like there's this thread/string/nerve? connecting the shoulder and leg and that string was being pulled very intensely. Felt dizzy and almost collapsed. With all my strength I ran up to the nearest room to get some rest. I was breathing very rapidly. I think my brain was probably effected as well? Haha it didn't cross my mind to just lie down at the sofa which was so much nearer compared to the room.

Down with fever that night. Then sore throat the next few days. And then cough, followed by a complete voice loss. Thank God my family was able to sort of understand what I was trying to 'say'. My sister was like "this is the time you should speak in Kansai ben"(Kansai ben is somehow very easy to understand even though you don't speak the language) And then Monday, I had food poisoning. Like seriously? One year worth of sickness took place in one whole week.

I'm much better now, just a little cough and sore throat. So don't worry~~ hee


  1. sometimes it just happens. take care of yr health

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  3. sometimes i cant stand wif my legs in a sudden. they are like lost of strength to support me.haha. weird. take good care and stay healthy! =)
    by the way, u r smart enuf to save the-didn;t-raise-properly-cake. haha!im not a berry lover but they look nice

  4. @Johnny Ong

    haha I din even bother trying the cake. Too sad to try it~ hee and thanks!