Monday, December 6, 2010


I think there's some kind of time bomb planted inside my head. Everyday when it reaches about 2 or 3PM, it will go off.

Anyway, took my JLPT yesterday and I'm finally test free for the year! The after effect of JLPT was really bad. More like the LRT trip back from the test site to home la. Haha all I wanted to do is sleep!

After the test, it made me wonder a little. Will I be able to stay on until N1? Will I be sitting for the N1 paper three years later? For now I'm determined but in the future I don't know.

Lunch today is cake and muruku ikan. Even my maid protested how 'cincai' I am when it comes to food. She said to me "if there's biscuit, you'll definitely eat biscuit right?" Haha its not that I'm lazy or what. Its just that when I'm at home, eating anything is fine as long as I don't feel hungry. Once a while I cook too, but its no fun cooking for myself.

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