Friday, December 10, 2010

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Oh my God! You see, I'm currently on semester break and I don't have an intern or part time job. So I was thinking, I should do something for the house. Besides experimenting with new recipes, I should also not limit my territory to cockroach/bugs terminator and electrical appliances. Since I've downloaded a couple of HQ music video, why don't I try adding some songs into the karaoke machine. It comes with a manual so it shouldn't be that hard right?

I followed 'How to add songs 101' step by step and everything seems ok. Restarted the machine and YES, something went wrong!! Apparently, a whole lot of data has ben 'replaced'. Sheeeeeettttttttt. Suddenly I felt like that kid who broke the vase but didn't dare to tell his mum.

But I called my mum anyway haha. She said that it's alright. We have to learn things through trial and error. I was so relieved or maybe its because she's in her office? but still AHHHHH. So much for being experimental. Think its gonna cost a couple of hundred Ringgits for that.

On another note, there's this guy who keeps burning stuff behind my neighbor's house. Naturally, the smoke will fly over to my house and honestly, it feels like my life was cut shorter because of the smoke. I think he was burning some kind of plastic stuff that produced some really pungent smell. The poor laundry that was dried at the back garden..instead of being fresh and all, it smells like it just came back from a barbecue party.

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