Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sense of Hearing

These days I keep mishearing things. Everyone thinks it's super funny but its actually a little frustrating for me. It makes me wonder is there really something wrong with my brain or I'm just plain silly.

Incident 1
An Indian sales girl spoke to me in Mandarin. It's either her accent problem or Me, expecting her to speak English to me. I misheard 70% (Qi shi ba xian) as cheese bath. I was like "EEW.. are they giving out cheese scented soap?" It took me a while to figure that she meant that they're having discounts up to 70% off.

Incident 2
This happened during PR presentation. Not mine but someone else's presentation. One girl was talking about treating people equally or something like that. And guess what I misheard equally as? E.coli! Images of sashimi flashed through my mind when I heard that. I even gave the O_o stare. Sorry! haha

Incident 3
Last Sunday night, I went to this bun store nearby to get some breakfast for Monday. There was this bun that looks really good so I asked, "What flavor is this?" And the lady answered "Buono chocolate" Sounds nice! Bought it immediately without hesitating. And next morning, to my horror, it's not Buono, Bueno, or any other Italian sounding name but WALNUT! I turned and look at my sister in shock and she said something like "I was wondering why did you buy it when the lady clearly stated that its walnut"

My Japanese teacher told the class an interesting real life story she heard from her friend. Apparently in a Japanese funeral, the visitors will take a pinch of powdered incense to their foreheads. However this foreigner, he couldn't see what exactly the visitors were doing. All he saw was their back view. So when his turn came, he tried to follow what others did but instead of lifting that pinch of powder in front of his fore head, he stuffed it inside his mouth. Before leaving, visitors would say "Goshusho-sama de gozaimasu (My deepest condolences)to the bereaved. And once again, Mr. Foreigner misheard it and said "Gochiso-sama deshita (Thank you for the food).

Is there a cure for mishearing? I don't wanna be like Mr. Foreigner.

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