Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Made in Japan

2 weeks ago, I attended the "Japanese Design Today 100" exhibition organized by JFKL. It was held at the National Art Gallery hence, no photographs allowed. It wasn't a big scale exhibition anyway. Yet, I can't really remember what was being exhibited besides SMAP's 2000 Live concert goods.

Japanese Design Today 100 shoots a glance at the achievements, past and present, of the country's design leaders.

Some of the items that were displayed includes:
(Pictures credit:Japanese Foundation)

Japan is really good in branding their products. "MADE IN JAPAN" is a very big brand. Somehow people would trust a Japan made product very much. Take Toyota as an example. Despite the call backs, I think that Toyata is selling even better over here in Malaysia. Malaysian drivers out there, have you noticed that many WT?/new plated cars are actually Toyota's.

Anyway, besides some of the older school designs, contemporary goods were exhibited as well. Touch screen is not new anymore but yet people still go WOAHHH over it as more and more products are going button-less. What about the bilnds? What is gonna feel their sense of touch?

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