Sunday, April 25, 2010

I ain't no killer

It all started with a facebook status stating that "okonomiyaki is universal ;) maybe cooking tomorrow again" and everyone started craving for okonomiyaki. "Someday, Lets cook it!" someone suggested. And that someday was last Friday.

[L>R: Brendan, Irene Mandy, Nadia, Anitt. Kaireen, Azusa, Jocelyn in the bottom and Me]

The people who were present for the dinner. It was like an unofficial vegetarian cultural food night. We had Okonomiyaki, Japchae, Pasta and durian. and fortune cookies

Okonomiyaki prepared by Azusa. She's a cooking master! The way she chop the vegetables... we were like "WOAHHH! Restaurant way!" I'm so gonna ask her some Japanese food recipe.

Japchae prepared by Nadia, the Korean who speaks better Malay than Malaysians. I did not take this don't ask me who's finger was that. This was really good! Should have taken home some.

And Pasta, prepared by the other Irene . The sauce was really good! (not in picture) Lots of mushroom and carrots in it. My favorite!

And others, just eat helped out in the cooking preparation from cutting vegetables, mixing batter, cracking eggs, serving the food etc etc.

Thats me trying to flip the Okonomiyaki. And I did it at the first try. Beginner luck or not, I'm gonna make it for my sister next time and lets see whether she'll have an upset tummy after meal. And my amigos, you won't be able to escape from my okonomiyaki too.

After makan, we played the mafia/killer game. I was never once the killer and yet almost every round, I was on the suspect list. "It's so obvious that Ai Rene is the killer!" "The way she smiles, she's the killer!" I am that innocent citizen, in the risk of being murdered by that cold hearted killer and yet everyone's saying that I am the killer. Do I have the Yokoyama Yu bad guy face or what?

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