Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sense of Sight pt3

Yay! Sense of Sight is back. If you're wondering what is SoS about, it's an entry that I'll post a series of pictures that is totally unrelated to each other. Basically, it's about what I do or saw lately.

1. Onion skin looking moth

This moth is definitely one of the longest lasting moth I ever seen in my house. I f not mistaken, it 'stayed' here for about a week. Maybe it's because of the onion-ish texture? Usually the powdery looking moth will only last a couple of days here. What do you guys think about moths? Some said they're the spirits of the dead. But... I don't know haha

2. Wrong number

I think that I sound really unconvincing when I say "Sorry, wrong number." The less dramatic reaction I receive from the caller is "WHO IS THIS?" "WHERE IS THIS PLACE??" and the more dramatic one
"DON'T BLUFF! I know its you, Mandy!"
"Sorry, you got the wrong number, I'm not Mandy."
"Don't be like that la, where's Julie? Why didn't she call me?"
Although I don't like to talk, I absolutely have no reason to fake or hide my identity.

3. Dragon Fruit

This is my grandma's favorite fruit because it is fibrous and expensive It cost about RM10 for 3 of it. Quite expensive for a fruit. I like the bright purple color of it but it can be quite a trouble in washing it off.

It took me at least 4 washes to wash it off completely. Next time, Use a fork instead.

4. New Born

Every morning, a bird will fly out from a plant next to my house door and it never fails to make me scream out of shock. Then I realize this mummy bird has build a nest in that plant. Eggs hatched and the baby birds now looks like that *points picture above* Looks kinda scary without the fur but I'm sure soon, they'll be able to fly.

5. A Yakult a day keeps the doctor away

I'm not sure how much does Yakult contributes to good health. But I drink this everyday, thinking that I'll be healthy after drinking this. Sounds in denial eh? But the truth is university have been draining out my energy and I've been falling sick more than usual. Mummy thinks that I should start taking supplements because my once red cheeks are very pale now. Any suggestion for what kind of hamster feces looking supplements should I take?

6. Lomo

This is my lomo camera. I wanted to get the Diana F+ initially but I decided not to spend so much on something that I'm not sure of. I have absolutely no idea how will the photos look like. I've just send my film to the photo shop last night and it will only be ready by Saturday. If it turns out ok, you'll probably have SoS part 4 very soon.

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