Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love/Hate you

Sigmund Freud is.. I don't know? He 'hunts' us almost every semester whether its a psychology, communication or writing subject. His psychoanalysis theory is very interesting. It makes me want to find out what am I repressing unconsciously. Maybe that's the I have this OCD of washing my feet every 15 minutes or so. Why am I always dreaming about the same thing? Why am I dreaming of this? Why do I like Japanese food and not Mexican food? Why I don't like to study? Why do I rant so much? Why am I such a 2-faced person? Why do I have the habit of sticking out my tongue or sometimes bite my lips when I'm concentrating on something? Why Freud why?

But I won't be able to find out by myself because it lies deep in the unconscious. That's the hate part.

My random rant of the day.

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