Saturday, March 5, 2011

Year 3

Was expecting JLPT results but this came to me instead. a cert can't buy me

Anyway! third year has started and it's only the first week but every lecturer is talking about assignments! One subject that I'm very concerned about is Authorship and Writing. It's the hardest subject in the entire Art's faculty. But I have to take it because its a core subject. And the failure rate is 10%. Thats why I have to spend my weekend with poets from the Romanticism. Definitely not a fun thing.

But I'm definitely looking forward to learn more about this subject. First week was WOW! I didn't know so many things. We learned about authors from ancient Greek culture to the Medieval and then print culture and copyrights. The lecturer's really friendly and funny but has this aura that makes me scared. Haha especially when he was talking about plagiarism. "Don't plagiarize, you have no idea how many books I've read".

As for other subjects, the same lecturers are Yay! They're like the angels of extension and they're very willing to help students. makes me feel bad for not paying attention in class

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