Thursday, January 7, 2010

Color Me Corby

I really really like the color black. Chinese New Year, Birthday, Wedding, Xmas, whatever the occasion is, I wear black all year round. Until my amigos, Kim and Ashton gave me an afro ken plush toy on my 19th birthday last June. Afro ken is a Japanese character created by San X. 'Ken' means dog in Japanese and it's a dog with a fro, a colorful fro!

Thanks to little afrey, I started experimenting with colorful clothes.

Check out afrey's fro color and my top's color. Samsung Corby offers pretty much the same color too!

Plob,plob,fizz,fizz, Oh, what a corby it is!

After checking out some Corby ads on Youtube, I decided to give Gingy, a taste of Corby.

This is Gingy..with that annoying smile that I really really dislike.

But since Afrey brought me colors, I decided to be giving and gave Gingy a cupid pink off shoulder dress 2010's Spring-Summer must have item

And now Gingy looks so much more cuter. No more annoying smile haha

And The cookie that think that it’s a corby became bffs with not only afreey but also my favorite Jamaican yellow Rilakkuma. So cute right? heee

Anyone out there wanna have the same experience as Gingy? Check out Nuffnang x Samsung's Corby Carnival!

All you have to do is
Step 1:
Write a blog post entitled "Color Me Corby" about how colorful your life is, literally or not.

Step 2:
Take a picture of yourself with one of the colors of Samsung Corby.

Step 3:
Fill in the Submit page with your details, permalink and upload your photo.

75 nuffnangers with the most creative entry will get an invite to the Samsung Corby Carnival!

Guess what color did I choose?

Yellow! heee thats the Korean Corby ad by the way.

This outfit was supposed to be my next Fashion Terrorist series outfit. But as u can see, my hair is not ready and I prefer drinking my tea so.. there won't be any FT anytime soon.

So in the mean time, go and check out the Corby fun ya!

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