Sunday, January 24, 2010

BTS of ‘As easy as a Backflip’

When I first read about this contest by MAS Airlines and Nuffnang, I really wanted to join it but I have absolutely no idea on what to shoot. I want something that is comical yet easy to shoot. Brainstormed and nothing came into my mind so I decided to go to bed and continue the next day. Just when I’m about to shut my eyes, I suddenly had a Eureka moment.

Worried that my memory might fail on me the next morning, I immediately tweeted about it. Twitter serves as my reminder I couldn’t sleep after that because I was imagining and arranging the scenes in my mind for the entire night.

According to my Communication and Technology teacher 2 years ago, it is very important to draw a story board and every movie’s pre production begins with the story board. I usually don’t bother drawing because I can’t draw but this time, I decided to draw every scene out from the right angle to make sure that the video turns out to be exactly like what I visualized and it’s easier for the camera lady, my sister , to film it as well.

Next, I had to screen through lots of videos to find the best back flip. I went and ask some friends 'who has the best back flip?' After some opinions and running through footages, acrobatic Junno's backflip from the Johnny's 2008-2009 countdown concert was chosen.

I was in the midst of relocating, and I do not have internet connection in my new house still no int access now so the video was shot in both my old and new house. I had a little problem with the booking ticket part cause even it's switched to Digital Macro mode, it's still very very blur. So I doubled the speed of it.

Basically..thats how I made my video. I hope you guys have enjoyed watching it. And thanks for all the comments

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