Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sense of Sight pt2

I mentioned about meggings some weeks ago and today, I finally took a pic of it. It's not the same yellow one I saw previously though.

It's from Crocodile, 1Utama

1.Hitler spotted in Jusco's Home Center?

Mr. XL, the mascot of a DIY hardware shop was vandalized with a touch of Hitler. Different kind of hand pose though

2.A Magazine for DV man?

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this magazine is 'Domestic Violence Man'. Haha it's actually a Scandinavian fashion magazine. not some tips on whacking people effectively haha

3. Cleanly blonde

Looks like Mr.Broom is catching up on the blonde trend! Not bad at all I bought that broom

4. Khun wannabe?

Hmm.. I don't get the wink. He's probably trying to 'say' that the griller's really convenient and easy to use? But looks more like 'too much smoke enter my eyes' to me.

Code Blue season2 officially kick started my Winter 2010 drama 'trip'

You know how usually the first episode is a little boring because of the character introduction and stuff.. the first episode for Code Blue was actually really really good! Duh! it's a season 2,no introduction needed The cool characters like Aizawa and Saejima are still very cool and the annoying characters are still very annoying, but its ok. There won't be any conflict if everyone behaves the same. I am already anticipating next episode! I think it's really different from other medical drama and nope, I'm not Pi bias haha maybe a little? I didn't really like his hairstyle during the countdown concert, but now, I think it suits him very much haha There's also a new flight doctor to replace Kuroda sensei who was previously amputated by Aizawa. The new doctor, Tachibana sensei reminded me of Detective Mac Taylor of CSI NY. Seriously! Even my sis thinks so too. Did some wiki and found out that he's actually the bakery owner in Takki's Antique.

Season 1 was really good and I hope season2 will be even better. Looking forward to more doctor action!

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