Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sense of Sight

Sighting #1 : 2 hummers in one week
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I saw 2 Hummers on the road in a week time. The first time was on last Saturday while I crossing the overhead bridge. The 2nd one was spotted on Monday around when I was on my way to One Utama. I guess they're probably the same Hummer. I know it's just a big, squarish, luxurious expensive car. But how often do you see a Hummer on road? I see that everyday on Sorrority Life Moreover in Malaysia where cars are dominated by Myvis.

Sighting #2: An emo needs 3 friends to cheer her up
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Recently, these Giordano Cheer U Up t-shirts are so popular that everywhere you go, you'll see people wearing it. I used to think it's kinda cute, but now, I think it's over rated. The other day, I was at Tropicana City Mall with my sister for lunch. I saw a bunch of middle school girls(?), 4 of them actually. 3 out of 4 girls wore this Cheer U Up t-shirt. And guess what the other girl wore? A t-shirt with the word EMO. In a nut shell, it takes 3 people to cheer an Emo up. In case you're wondering, the person in the picture is Jang Dong Gun.

Sighting #3: Meggings
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Before I go on, let me explain what are meggings. Meggings are actually leggings for men. According to Japan Probe, leggings for men (”meggings”) are this year’s hit fashion item for Japanese men in their 20’s and 30’s. The other day when I was at One Utama, I walked passed Crocodile and guess what I saw? Yellow Meggings?? I wanted to check it out but I was in a hurry..maybe next time. It's not something new in other countries but it's definitely fresh in Malaysia. I believe Tsuyoshi wore it during his ENDLICHERI days? So whats your verdict on Meggings? For me, I think it's acceptable. At least better than a certain footballer's Tight Trunks and Pink Flowers. But who am I to judge? As long as they're confident in what they wear, they can wear whatever they want. And I'll secretly laugh at them

Sighting #4 : Cool Cat Corner
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This morning, while I was laying my breakfast on the dining table, I saw this black/grey thing moving outside of my house. I look at it again, but it's not there anymore. So, I thought it was my hair. The moment I turn and look at the tv hall's direction, I saw a stray cat sitting on my favorite scatter cushion!! Must be one smart cat..for picking the best cushion haha. I bet it has eaten lots of fish that contributes to it's grey matter. This cat is not one of the four cats behind my house. This is the 'front' cat that never fails to give me endless shock story that next time. I was so stunned and shocked and let out a scream and did the cat ran away? No, it walked out snobbishly slowly as if it's the King of the world.

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