Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Pony Lies Over the Ocean

Something weird happened today. It's not a rare sight in Australia according to sis but it's certainly shocking to see it over here in Malaysia. 2 police men passed by my house riding on a horse each. I'm not kidding! It happened so fast that I did not have the chance to take a good picture of it. All I heard was ke-de-kut ke-de-kut, then ran out of the house and saw two police men hahah. "I don't even live near a stable, barn or pasture.. why are there horses here? How did they came? Did they rode it through LDP or Sprint Highway?? " Those were some of the thoughts I had in my mind when I saw it. I quickly ran up to grab the camera and standby the auto gate keys in case they pass by again.. but sadly, they did not.

Okies.. I did some Google and guess what I found? There's a horse unit in our police force. In October, these horses were at SS2. Click here for more photographs. Suddenly I felt as if I live inside a cave haha. SS2 is just a couple of neighborhood away from my house. And I didn't know about that event? Should have went and rode on the white one . Haha horses reminded me about some soon to be 31 years old and bald guy who's Chinese zodiac is a horse too.

Talking about horses, I have an expression/face that my sister calls it the Horse Face while I call it the Won Bin smile Because my teeth are so small unlike some fashion disaster beast, if I over smile, you'll see my gums. No pictures of it cause I really hate it when my picture turn out to have a Won Bin smile. I ain't no Won Bin

The horses sure do reminded me of my camping days at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club back then in 2001. Come to think of it.. I was talking about the camp with my sister on my way back from Monash. And not long after that, the horses appeared. Hmmm....

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