Monday, December 28, 2009

Music Monday #7

Music in games are of course important. The game would not be as exciting if it's muted as it stimulates the mood of the game. So today, instead of mainstream music,we're going for something different. If you look closely to the "I Follow" part, you'll realize I just added in 'Kawagen san' who I happened to stumble across on Twitter. Kawamoto san is a game music composer and is really generous in distributing his creations to his followers via twitter and Myspace. Check out his Myspace for some game music.

One song that I really like is the Nintendo tuned version of "Rond allla turka". This piece reminded me of my piano days about 10 years ago. I remember hearing either my sister playing to this song or it was a demo song programmed inside my piano.

I'm not sure whether that song can be found on his Myspace or not, but there are lots of other good music there too. I personally like Sonicscape the best. Other nice tracks which I like includes Northern Traveller, Wind Blows through the morning woods and Desert Rose.

I can imagine his music are being used in films like Baraka which never fails to impress me no matter how many times I watch the trailer. Can you believe it's made of time lapse photography?

Anyway~ feel free to check out Kawagen san's music ya!

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