Monday, December 21, 2009

Music Monday #6

Hello! It's time for another Music Monday. This week, I'm introducing a song entitled "Ever So Lonely" by Sheila Chandra.

I first heard this song in my Asian Music lecture for India's Music. India music here is not only those that you heard from Bollywood films. run down some green land and dance with trees But those that uses traditional Indian musical instruments such as the Sitar, Veena,Venu.. and more. The sound of the sitar is really nice and I'm thinking to get one if I have the money This song got my attention because of the dance-able beat. I was imagining someone bboying to it.

About the singer:
Sheila Chandra is an English singer of Indian descent. Although she was heavily influenced by Western elements, she was trained to use traditional Indian instruments too according to my lecturer.

Some info from Youtube:
In 1981 Sheila Chandra met Steve Coe in London and became the lead singer of his Asian fusion band Monsoon which then signed to Polygram.
Monsoon had a UK Top Ten hit with their first single "Ever So Lonely" when Sheila was 16.
After Monsoon disbanded, Sheila signed Steve Coe's Indipop label in 1984 and went on to make her first four solo albums in two years.
Sheila retired when she was 20 to take a sabbatical that lasted 4 years and re-emerged with her fifth solo album on Indipop.

Next week's music will be something very different. It will be about game music! heee look forward to it ya

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