Saturday, December 26, 2009

Have a good year ahead

Today was my final Japanese class in the year 2009. Before ending the class, Nishio sensei asked us "What should we say before the year ends?" or what is it "What should you say at the very end of the year?" I don't remember whats her question exactly, but you do get what I mean right? Being the silly me, I said er.. "Rainen mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu" (Please also take care(?) of me next year) and one of classmates said "osewa ni narimashita" (an expression used to thank someone for their help or favors done for you over a considerable period of time. Both of us are not exactly wrong, but the right word to say is Yoi otoshi wo! (Have a good year ahead). That's something new for me. Shall try to spot that word while watching Johnny's countdown or NHK's Kohaku Utagassen.

Before facing 2010, lets have recap on what happened to ME in 2009.
-Made some NY resolutions, and still pending..*shakes head*
-Was forced to get a part time job by someone I barely know
-Received my offer letter from Monash University
-Chinese New Year

-Endless Shock begins
-Read The Tales of Genji unfinished
-University orientation. Officially a Bachelor of Arts student of Monash University

-Boys Over flowers was really huge that time
-Shocked by the news of Visual Kei icon, Miyavi and Melody getting married
-Ate Korean food (the last time was in 2006)

-Wrote Hard news for the first time. "Hard news is really hard", I got only a Credit for it.
-Went to One World Hotel's lounge for some Jazz music for my American Music assignment

-I won Akanishi Jin's autograph hahah
-Borrowed Kirino Natsuo's crime fiction book entitled "OUT" and dreamed of Kimura Takuya as a serial killer
-My Journalism lecturer was arrested under the sedition act.

-EXAM! Almost failed Psychology! hahah and Semester break
-Michael Jackson passing away 2 days before my birthday.. Shocking indeed
-My 19th birthday. Met some old friends
-Played Wii so hard that I thought that my hand were gonna detach from my body

-Back to University
-Force myself to LOVEEE Psychology

-Assignments again and again
-Started watching Wild Bunny
- National day
-Started The Rene Report ver.2

- Jay left 2PM.. and still not back yet
-I toured around Kuala Lumpur
- I wore high heels to IKEA and killed my legs
-iPod died.. because of my careless acts
- Endless assignments

- Cats cats cats! The stray cats behind my house gave me a whole lotta trouble
- Enjoyed Asian music a lot. The listening part, not the studying part
- Got myself a new iTouch, named it fiftyone
- Exam begins!
-School's out, break's in

- Started music monday on this blog
- My picture was on Durian Navi magazine

-Started the 'It's in the name' thing..and still going on with it
-Received my price from shibuya246
-Cats cats cats
-Took my JLPT Level 4

Things to blog before 2010
-Update on Kristy outing with pics
-Blog a trend.. probably about newspapers or music

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