Friday, December 11, 2009

The Magnae Rebellion

In the Korean language, the term "magnae" is used to refer to the youngest member of a group. In most Asian culture where individualization is not as huge as the Western culture, the magnaes are usually the one being bullied by the elders. Because they're the youngest, they cannot go against their seniors or else it will make them look rude. The magnaes are also always the one who gets all the bad things.

I was watching this reality tv called "Idol Magnae Rebellion" and found out that these magnaes were terribly "abused" by their seniors. Especially poor 2AM Jin Woon whose hyung* is a fan of boxing. And whenever his hyung watches boxing, he have to be next to him. And out of no where, a high kick will be flying to him. And if he refuse to sit next to him, his hyung will threaten him "Don't ever talk to me anymore"
(*Hyung is used by Korean guys to refer to guys older than them)

In a way, it's quite true. Cause my high school friends always make Kim, who is a year younger than us, do things for us.The other day, Estee and I make her ask the Kopitiam guy whether they have durian cake or not. we were too embarrassed to ask Sorry Kim! you're the youngest

But it's not always true. If you have a passive leader and a do-S magnae like MatsuJun or an Italian face like Chan Sung, or an AB face like me you'll probably overpower your seniors. Haha like me, I think I bully more people older than me than people older than me bullies me. The one living with me is probably the biggest victim, followed by Clair and sometimes but not so much, Kristy.
Last week, there were a couple of uninvited guest in my house.
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Meet the pineapple skin look a like moth/butterfly

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And woody looking moth

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