Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's in the name pt3

When will this naming thing ever end? Haha remember I said that I wanna change Maki's name? It was decided that it's new name is でぶ (Debu, so that it will grow bigger. Just 3 days after that, Debu really did grew bigger!! Okay..maybe it's because it's at the growing age, but lets assume it's the naming thing ya? There are also lots of cat's dropping behind my house.. Please do it else where and don't make me rename you cats 'Benpi' (Constipation) ya!

On an unrelated note, I came across this Japanese cat blog just now. でぶねこ☆めんまさん (The fat cat- Menma san)So cuteeee!!
Last night, I was watching my weekly "1 Night 2Days" tv program. It's actually a Korean travel-variety program. This week, they went to Gangwon-do and visited an observatory there. In the observatory, they get to take a glimpse of the moon and a young star named Capella via the super canggig-manggih* telescope. The telescope was so huge/magnifying that they get to see the Moon's crater. I wanna take a look at the moon too! to find out whether it's cheese like I wonder do we have the chance to take a look at the moon at the National Observatory in Langkawi?
*canggih means advance in English
I wanted to sms Kristy at that time, but I can't remember where did I misplace my mobile phone. I keep misplacing things lately especially my phone Repeats are on Sunday 5.20PM, KBS world (Channel 303 on Astro)

Oh ya.. I was woken up by this really strange dream. Shall story it tomorrow!

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