Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's in the name pt2

Remember one of old entry about why naming is important? Today, the stray cats behind my house once again proved that to me. After writing up that previous post, my sister and I decided to change JiHoo's name to the almighty me Jun Pyo. And this morning, when my sister fed them some sausage, Tatsu the dragon and Jun Pyo fought rushed to it, leaving poor Maki behind. It's really really weird to see 'Jun Pyo' behaving like that. Usually it's the most passive out of all 3 and will run away whenever something was thrown near them. The Name power? or maybe it's just hungry So I'm thinking to give Maki another name. Any suggestions? Anything but not Tiger/ Lao Hu/ Harimau/ Tora or anything along that line please. Look at Tiger Woods, totally living up to his name

I went to Tropicana Mall for lunch today. Had Kenny Rogers Roasters and I'm quite positive that there might not be any next visit. I was quite disappointed with the chicken and Nando's was wayyyyyyyy better. Of course it's not as healthy as KRR.. but the taste is just so different from what I remembered. Sighhhh healthier food = not so tasty food??'s been 100 days since Jay left. At the same time, videos of him and his crew battling surfaced on YouTube. Glad to see him doing his thang with his homies in Seattle. His crew (Art of Movement) even won first place in a bboying competition.

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